01 G.N.part 1.mp3

02 G.N. part 2.mp3

03 G.N. part 3.mp3

04 G.N. solo-descant.mp3

Solo 1:
Hear the angels to the shepherds sing
Glory, glory, let the good news ring!

Solo 2:
Look above you, there's a shinning star.
And it's guiding those from near and far.

O come, little children, O children, Noel.
Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel!

02 Somewhere In My Memory soprano.mp3

11 Deck.part 1.mp3

12 Deck.part 2.mp3


19 Sleigh Ride.mp3

06 Believe.part 1.mp3

07 Believe.part 2.mp3


10 It Must Be the Holiday Season.mp3


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